david windsor Shoemakers



As well as boots, shoes and sandals, David Windsor makes transferable orthotics, prostheses, orthoses and inbuilt callipers and splints. 

It caters for people with special-needs, including those with polio, arthritic conditions, diabetes, congenital conditions, accident injuries, chronic pain, spasticity, gait abnormalities and athletes.

David Windsor makes "functional" footwear, with the goal of normalising gait, minimising discomfort and producing an aesthetic, fashionable and high quality footwear product that conceals any underlying problem.


Inc. Starbright Orthopaedic Shoes

80A Blair Street North Bondi NSW 2026

Tel: (02) 9130 3117 Fax: (02) 9130 3586

Located in North Bondi, Sydney, Australia, David Windsor Shoemakers Pty Ltd (Inc. Starbright Orthopaedic Shoes) makes custom-made, medical-grade, orthopaedic, made-to-order, handmade footwear, under the management of Paul Galy OAM, a certified Medical Grade Footwear Practitioner